Micro Air SCA809 eliminates weld smoke from worker breathing zone Weld Smoke & Fumes

Smoke is one of the most common contaminants found in industrial manufacturing. The wide selection of Micro Air® models offers a solution to every smoke problem.

Micro Air MM3600 captures coolant mist generated in machining process. Mist Applications

Oil and water based coolants present a specific indoor air pollution problem in machining of metals. Uncollected coolant and machining oil mist can expose your employees to unwanted and harmful air, and can collect on machines, walls, ceilings and floors, creating a hazardous work environment. Stop the spread of airborne pollutants with our machine mounted and ceiling mounted units which come with a minimum of a 2-year warranty and some that provide one to five year filter life. The Micro Air® family of mist collecting models offers a solution to virtually any coolant mist problem. Micro Air's network of factory-trained Engineered Systems Distributors can assess your particular requirements and offer Micro Air® value-added solutions!

Grinding - Buffing Applications

Grinding Dust, and/or buffing & polishing particulate are common pollutants found in most industrial manufacturing facilities. Source capture methods are commonly used in both wet and dry applications.

Odor - Fumes Applications
Odor Control

Achieve substantial reduction of odors and gasses in the industrial workplace.

Dust Applications
Process Dust

The Micro Air® line of air cleaning and dust collection equipment has been designed to handle a wide variety of dusts. With the proper filter selection we can handle powders, pharmaceutical dust, metal dust, and any dry processing dust.

Plasma/Laser Cutting Applications
Plasma/Laser Cutting

Thermal cutting applications, such as plasma and laser cutting, generate considerable levels of fume and particulate that can be detrimental to cutting machinery and may present health risks to employees. Micro Air dust collectors ducting to the cutting operation reduces worker exposure to fume and protects expensive machinery.


Dual CAB modules installed in end of rail car creates an excellent blast booth, containing all harmful contaminants.

RP8-2 in powder-coating process provides for the collection of fine particulate, returning cleaned air back to the work area. Powdercoating

RP8-2 in powder-coating process provides for the collection of fine particulate, returning cleaned air back to the work area.

Thermal Spray
Thermal Spray

Thermal spray or metalizing processes involve such heat that a very fine dust or fume is generated. Some of the materials used in thermal spray applications have adverse health effects and minimum exposure limits set necessitate effective dust collection.

Dual RP8-6 equipped with cyclone prefilter, to collect the heavy particulate, keeps this woodworking facility free of both fine and heavy dust, with every process on the shop Wood Working
Wood Working

Wood dusts, class I, II, or III, generated from woodworking processes utilizing saws, routers, jointers, shapers, planers, edge banders, lathes, sanders etc. are a problematic aspect of housekeeping, and depending on the type of wood being used can be a real health hazard. OSHA has set a standard at 5 mg/m3 for respirable dust and 15mg/m3 for total dust. A dust-free manufacturing environment leads to greater productivity and contributes to worker satisfaction. Whether a small school wood shop or a full cabinet or furniture manufacturer, Micro Air can provide OSHA / NFPA compliant collection solutions to every wood-related application.

Food Processing
Food Processing

Food Processing Section...Coming Soon

Micro Air offers options for explosion vents, backblast dampers, quenchers, chemical isolation, etc., everything required for NFPA and or OSHA compliance. Combustible Dust
Combustible Dust

Proper treatment of combustible dust is a life and death issue and there is absolutely no doubt that OSHA has made combustible dust enforcement a priority. Do not risk a dust explosion in your facility.

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