Micro Air has customer service reps available to help you with your order and any questions about Micro Air products in your facility Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CT.

Micro Air
P.O. Box 1138
Wichita, KS 67201

Phone: (866) 566-4276 - (316) 946-5875
Fax: (316) 219-2995

Call 1 866-566-4276 or send an e-mail to one of the addresses below.

Cheyenne Hayes - Customer Service Associate
Cheyenne Hayes - Customer Service Rep My name is Cheyenne Hayes and I am Micro Air's customer service representative. I am here to help you, in whatever manner I can, with your dust collection and air quality needs. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Email Cheyenne Hayes

Extension: 4205

Danny Meier - Factory Direct Sales - Kansas and Oklahoma Territories
Danny Meier - Factory Direct Sales - Kansas - Oklahoma Hello, My name is Daniel Meier. I am Micro Air's Factory Direct Sales Associate in the Kansas and Oklahoma territories. I can assist you with any dust collection and / or air quality needs you may have. I look forward to assisting you in the future.

Email Danny Meier

Extension: 4207

Wendy Layton - Micro Air Marketing Mgr.- Regional Sales Manager
Wendy Layton - Marketing Mgr. -  Regional Sales Manager Hello, I am Wendy Layton. I am a thirty year veteran at Micro Air. I am Micro Air's marketing manager and regional sales manager for the midwest and eastern states, and am here to help you with all aspects of the Micro Air Clean Air Systems product line. Whether assisting with sizing an application, configuration and pricing a system or development and provision of sales tools, I am committed to making your job easier, and to assist with providing an engineered system that addresses your air quality needs.

Email Wendy Layton

Extension: 4217

Brandon Saner - Micro Air Regional Sales Manager
Brandon Saner - Regional Sales Manager My name is Brandon Saner. I am the direct sales manager for the Kansas, Oklahoma and southwest Missouri territories. I also oversee distributor accounts in the western United States and throughout Canada and Mexico. Please feel free to contact me with any sales or technical questions you may have. I look forward to helping solve you air quality and dust collection needs.

Email Brandon Saner

Extension: 4222

Don Hamer - National Sales Manager
Don Hamer - National Sales Manager My name is Don Hamer and I'm the National Sales Manager for Micro Air. Here at Micro Air we are dedicated to customer service, teamwork and have a strong commitment to quality and excellence in everything we do to everyone we serve. We look forward to assisting you with your clean air systems needs.

Email Don Hamer

Extension: 4215

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